Ooo La La part 2 …..

…….but a little less Oo and a little more La

Hi everyone

This is just a follow on from one of my previous posts.  These are the 2 others  cards I made using Nicecrane Designs Digi Sheet which you can see below.  I had a bit of fun with these and  hope you like them.

Card No. 1.

DSC_0007ATNCDDT720please click on image to see more detail

I had it in my mind that she was in some sort of room or needed one!   So I have gone for a bohemian tent style changing room.  I made this up as I went along really.

I started by using 2 large arch shapes.  I used S.binders large arch die.  I cut the base off one which is the spotty olive  green top with the red swag on.

I cut a large rectangle out of the centre of each of the arches to make the entrance.  On the outer cut arch I trimmed the sides a little  more to give a curtain/column effect.   Ok,  with me so far?

I cut 2 rectangles of red paper for the sides which I later placed behind the curtains/columns and 1 smaller rectangle for the the bottom front, just below where her feet are.

I used a die to cut out an ornate oval shape.  I sliced off about 1/3  of it which I used for  the step piece at the front and the larger of the two pieces I used at the top, behind the dome with the flower on.

I assembled the card by starting with the girl image and then built up the layers.  As I said I used dies but you really do not need to.   They are really only straight cuts.

Card No 2.

DSC_0019AT271NCDDTPlease click on image to see more detail

Have you guessed it?  It’s a Halloween card.  Looking at this image I thought green, orange and cats it has to be Spookylicious doesn’t it.

I decoupaged the image a little.  I printed the image out twice and cut away one of the images.  I cut half way down her skirt up to and  around the cat and her arms.

I made her a little black hat just out of scrap card.  Not difficult.

I stamped the little pumpkin and coloured it orange and stamped the sentiment.

DSC_0016AT721NCDDTPlease click on image to enlarge

Just for a giggle I added some of the flat backed glass beads  (gosh, try saying that without your teeth)  to give the effect of frogs eyes! he he!  I know I am sad and I really need to get a life!  Oh, you can see on this picture where I cut her skirt as well.  Yep, I could have cut it better.

I just cut out all of my embellishments and pieces of paper and then built up the layers.

This the Nicecrane Designs Digi Image that I have been working.


To see full details of this product please click on the image.

When you get a “mo” do pop over to check out Nicecrane Designs products.  They are based here in Southern Spain but have a world wide customer base.  There is a huge range of digi images and digi stamps.  I thought I knew all of them but I keep finding more.

 I will be back tomorrow for the ATCAS challenge.  It would be great if you could join in.  It is always a lot of fun.

Helloooooo!  Von from Messy Me.  I was thinking about you today so I just wanted to say hello in case you called in.

Happy Crafting

Florence x

3 thoughts

  1. Wonderful use of images.
    I so like the Hallowe’en card possibly because my thoughts are turning towards that myself (DT work).
    Always great use of dies.


  2. OMG Florence,,,, what a cute idea to use my lady in a Halloween Card,,,,,,so creative,,,,,and all voer love the vibrant colors in your cards,,,,,,,,,,And these embellish are stunning my friend,,,,,very well done.


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