Countdown to Christmas – Card Making with Digi Images

Hi everyone

I hope everyone is well and fighting fit.  I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to post some of my Christmas hot picks from Nicecrane Designs.  There are so many to choose from so I am going to just jump right in and start off with my first choice Dolly Dingle.

This is a revisit to this wonderful sheet of Digi Images from Nicecrane Designs.

The original drawings are by Grace G.  (Wiederseim) Drayton.


Rather than adding a sentiment attached to the card I went for a tag style sentiment which is attached by a piece of thick thread.

I slightly altered the colours on this because I wanted a darker shade of red than the original bright red.

This image sheet has so much potential.   The tiny little images are exquisite to use individually or use the sheet as a whole as I have done above.  Check out the little rabbit – bottom right hand corner!


If you look half way down the sheet (on the first card above) , on the left hand side,  you will see Mr. Punch.  Just in between the two little red oufits.

I cut Mr. Punch  from the image sheet and increased the size of him using PSE (other computer image manipulation software will work),  I then printed him out several times, cut the layers out  and decoupaged him up using foam tape.

Another idea is that you could convert the colour of Mr. Punch to  using  a colouriser* to alter the tones.  Serpia would look nice for a vintage feel.

* Colourisers:  I know a lot of my crafting friends have various image altering software  and no longer use them.  Y’know the sort used for scrap booking and on disks which have images on them.  Well get them back out!! lol!  Make these images work for you.  Oh, you know me I want every penny’s worth…… and more  out of craft products I buy and why not.  I think I must have been born tight fisted!! lol!

Thats all from me for today.  Thank you for your company.

This post is a little longer than I had hoped for but when I get on my soap box it is hard to shut me up!!

ALISON the Crafty Trog if you are calling in Graham is fine.  I will be posting some photos on my craft blog especially for you.  The brandy did the trick.

Take care all and happy crafting.

Florence x


  1. Marianne

    I’ve always loved paper dolls. It’s something I want to add to my Penelope series stories….if I ever get to the illustrations, that is :/

    Marianne xo

  2. nicecrane

    Wowww Florence love your idea to use a conmplete paper doll on the card,,,,,and it works so well,,, I have just never thouhgt on it,,,,,,,Love it. And your Mr, Punch,,,looks great,,,,,it remember me to a real puppet,,,,,,Love your coloring and all over your creativity…..Horayyyyyy for Florence….

  3. baileyrosy

    I agree with Ms Moncrieff do love the name though , fancy being called Dolly Dingle lol ! Mr Punch is the business Flo he made me smile. Do you think he likes a tipple that nose of his is a real give away to us fellow tipplers !


  4. butterfly

    Completely brilliant, Florence. The images are absolutely adorable, and I love the use of the whole sheet for the card. I have some of the amazing Betty Bonnet paper doll books, bought in the States in 1980, and I had to buy two copies – one to cut up and play with, and one so that I could keep it whole.

    Love the mischievous Mr Punch too, and that fabulous wood-look background. Brilliant card-making as ever!
    Alison xx


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