The Fabulous Flappers

Hi everyone

Not sure what is happening with my blog at the moment I seem to have posts missing.

I have been awol for the last few weeks as Kylie and Marie came over to Spain for a visit.  You can imagine the mischief and mayhem that has been going on.  I have had a fantastic time and one that I will remember for ever.  Kylie is still with us but is leaving tomorrow and flying back to Australia.  Sooo sad!!!

The one thing about having blogging friends to stay, not only do they hog the tv remote but they also hog the computers!! lol! You know the sort of thing “must do my commenting” or “need to do a post”.   I have a half hour window whilst the computers are free so I would like to share some cards I made using Chocolate Baroques Fabulous Flappers.


These stamps are an absolute dream to work with.


I have even added some bling which is something I don’t really do but I found these lovely self adhesive gems at the pound shop and just felt compelled to buy them….as you do.


There was a lot of masking involved in making these cards and if you would like to see how I made them please click HERE.

Don’t forget tomorrow if you see a plain, give Kylie a wave.  Also look out for Marie.  She is flying back to Greece but obviously she is on her broom stick!!! LOL!!

Only joking Marie. Love you dearly and already miss you.

That’s all from me today.

Take care all and happy crafting.

Florence x


  1. Sandie

    Fab cards Florence, did Marie and Kylie dress like this for dinner every night, I sure hope so! Ask Kylie about her very glam look she decided on for Callum’s Birthday meal!!


  2. Kylie

    Get off my computer woman!! Bet you are glad to see the back of me lol. Having seen those cards IRL, I can honestly say that they are just amazing. I WISH I had their style but my favourite tracky daks will just have to suffice and they go on for the best occasions like Callums birthday 😉



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