Butterflies, butterflies and more butterflies

Hi everyone

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Just a quick post today.  I spent a few hours this morning tatting in the garden a bit.  My lovely friend Rafael has just given me a sack of raw sheep’s wool. Fantastic!!  Not sure what I will do with it but I have some ideas for felting.  I have just got to clean it now. If anyone has any experience in cleaning wool I would love to hear from you.

Anyway down to card making and crafting.

I would like to share some cards I made using the butterfly stamps from Chocolate Baroque’s new Briar Rose Butterfly and Harebell Butterfly sets.  Gorgeous sets these.


FloLangley 047ATJune


For the first card I used one of Lesley Wharton’s printable vintage tags.


FloLangley 018ATJune


For these two cards I stamped onto glossy card.  I ink the stamp and spritzed it with water to give a mottled effect in the background and then stamped over the first stamping using the same stamp with just ink.


FloLangley 023ATJune


If you are new to stamping these would be a great set to start off with.   A little bit of everything to cover every occasion.  If you are a stamp addict like me then these would be a super addition to your collection.  You can never have too many butterflies.

Thank you to everyone for leaving such lovely comments on my last post.  They are very much appreciated.

That’s all from me to day.

Happy Stamping

Florence x


  1. baileyrosy

    The first one is my fave too such beautiful rich colours and I like the distressed edges. No idea about cleaning wool cool wash in the washing machine is all I know but don’t think this is right for your wool.



  2. lucilla

    Gorgeous cards! I found you on CB’s pinterest, you are SO talented! I tried to find the hexagonal stencil you used in your first card, but I can’t! I always come across the one that allows you to stamp the inside shape, not just the outside borders, I’d like to recreate the same aerial structure. can you help me please? thank you!


    1. Florence

      Hi Lucilla, Thank you so much for your lovely comments.
      I have to be honest I have forgotten who made this but I have tried to narrow it down and have been having a look around craft shops. I think it could be this one


      If all else fails you could create a similar pattern with a tube ie., a bic biro cover or similar. Just press it into ink or paint and see what patterns you can create. Or even a drinking straw. That should give you some small circles.

      I am not sure where you live in the world but you could have a look at these
      Craft stores I use and have used that may stock something similar.


      I hope this helps. Let me know how you get on.
      If you have a blog I would love to have a link.
      Hugs Flo x


      1. Lucilla

        Dear Flo,

        thank you SO much! you have been so sweet and helpful! unfortunately I do not have a blog, I’d have gladly linked it here. About the reversed hexagonal stencil, I’ve just purchased the one you linked on the craftbarn, thank you! Thank you for pointing me to those other wonderful crafty websites, also!

        have a fantastic day,



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