Garden Lace Scene – 4 cards

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well and enjoying the weekend.

Today I would like to share with you some quick cards I made using the new Garden Lace Scene Stamps.
Lots of photos on this post.

FloLangleyLaceGarden2 008Awm3These cards are all in the same style but I have just changed the colours of the ink I used to stamped the images in and also the colours used to color the images.

FloLangleyLaceGarden2 039AwmI don’t usually stamp in brown but I quite like the soft effect that it produced.

FloLangleyLaceGarden2 030AwmI am not sure why the this image reminds me of 1920’s.  It’s funny how things pop into your mind.  It also reminds me of Clarice Cliff.  Maybe it is the shape of the lawns and the sun burst but it did prompt me to use these colors for this card.

FloLangleyGardenLaceScene2 042Awm

Ok, I am still in the roaring 20s at this stage and pondering about the Great Gatsby, Cocktail Parties and the Flapper Style so I thought that this young lady would mix and match quite well with the garden image. Wouldn’t it have been fabulous to live in this era.  The fashions and styles were fantastic.

I made some cards a while ago using the Fabulous Flapper stamps which can be seen HERE if you are interested.

All of these cards have been stamped using Archival Ink and colored with a mixture of water color crayons and felt pen ink.

Chocolate Baroque Stamps Used:  Garden Lace Scene, Mackintosh Sentiments, and the gorgeous Fabulous Flappers.


  1. Gerrina

    Such great cards! Love the way you show how different a card looks with the (beautiful) stamp in other colours! And the flapper is a so fitting image with this one! Enjoy your (inky?) week, Gerrina


  2. Kylie

    Now, for the young ‘uns like myself (oooo, that was cheeky..) who is Clarice Cliff? I love all the different colours you used on the first cards. My fave is the one with the flapper girl. I would love to go back to the 20s to see what it was like xx


    1. Florence

      Hi Kylie, Hey, I’m not that old!! LOL! Clarice Cliff was an English ceramic artist active from 1922 to 1963. Her unique designs are very bold and colorful.
      Hugs Flo xxx


      1. Kylie

        Thank you for letting me know. I could have googled her but that defeats the purpose of interacting with fellow bloggers and friends 😉 but now I will google her to see her art xx



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