Awesome Orchids Card

Hi everyone

I hope you have something nice planned for the weekend.

Today I would like to share with you a card made using the new Awesome Orchid stamps from Chocolate Baroque.

FloLangleyOrchidsAprilCB 036awm

I wanted an oldy worldy look to this card with the background having a weathered stone effect and the main focal piece having a distressed tile look.  I am not sure I pulled it off but I am happy with the finished card.

Chocolate Baroque stamps used:  Awesome Orchids, Dusky Damask (main background) and Echoes of Italy (crazed pattern on the tile).

Inspiration for this card came from this photo taken at the Alcazaba in Malaga.

Malaga Day out with Kylie 039AT

Thank you for stopping by
Have a wonderful weekend.

Florence x

4 thoughts

  1. I think you were quite successful, Florence. Your card is beautiful! I like the muted colors and introspect effect it gives.

    We’re experiencing a downpour here at the moment. I hope it lets up before I have to go to work. Hope your day is sunny no matter the weather.

    Marianne xo


  2. What a great way of getting inspired and a beautiful card! Love the layering you made; looks like the layering in the photo! Enjoy the weekend, Gerrina



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