A walk on the beach – Card Making

Hi everyone

Another week flying by.  My niece made a comment the other day and said it was only 4 more pay days until Christmas!!
Where has the year gone.

I don’t know whether it’s when you get older the time appears to go more quickly or is it just crafting and blogging!! Mmmm?

Oh, what about Pinterest.  You know what that’s like…”I’ll just have a quick look…..six hours later, no dinner made, all of the lights have gone off in the house and husband has gone to bed with a piece of toast and a lump of cheese!!! LOL!

Today I would like to share with you a card made using the new fabulous “Walk In The Park” stamp from Crafty Individuals.

I am having such fun with these stamps at the moment.

Today our couple have gone for a walk along the beach.

Flo Langley CI August 2015 Stamps 023awm2This card was made in exactly the same was as this card HERE.

I have used white coated card for the focal piece and stamped the images using Distress Ink.  Any dye based ink will work.

To make this card
Stamp the couple and the dog.
Place a paper mask over the images.
Stamp the light house and the shell and script boarder.
Stamp the postage marks.
Make up the card as seen.

Really quick and easy.
Ideal if you need a card urgently.

Tip: I have found that Distress Ink can puddle a bit on coated card stock.  Take a piece of white copier paper and place it gently over the stamped image and blot to remove any excess ink.

Just one thing I would mention.
The lighthouse wasn’t quite long enough to go equidistant across the card so I stamped just the end of sea wall, whilst the mask was on, so it fell behind/in front of the guys right arm.

Crafty Individuals Stamps Used:
The couple walking  – A Walk In The Park CI 439
Shell boarder – Seaside Treasures CI 272
Light house – Call of the Sea CI 397
The postage mark is from Beside the Seaside CI 278

Before I leave you today.  I keep thinking of things as I am typing.
If you get chance, do check out Jean Hardy’s blog HERE.  A very talented lady in Australia called Carole used the “The Walk In the Park” stamp and produced the most amazing water colors.
They are fantastic. I am so jealous!

Thank you for looking
Take care
Florence x


  1. thecobweboriumemporium

    Such a beautiful, evocative image Florence. I love the none addition of any other colour, it makes the image itself speak to you (me) rather than me admiring how brilliant the colouring (and colourist) is. It’s perfect. Simply perfect. Great idea.
    Sending love ~ Cobs. x


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