Spring Time – Card Making

Hi everyone,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

Thank you for the comments you left on my last post.

Tonight’s little project is another quick and easy card.
Thank you to Jean and Malcolm at Crafty individuals for the image.
It may not look like a card because I did put a drop shadow on the image but it is.

Flo Langley CI BirdcageAWMa3

The base of this is coated card stock.
I swished the white card blank in some diluted Distress Inks.
To dilute the Distress Inks, pat the ink onto an acrylic block and spritz with water.
I added a bit of pattern using a mask and Distress Ink.
I then stamped all the images, again, using Distress Inks.
I started with the lighter colors in the background and worked to the bold black images.
I fixed all of the inks with a spray fixative.
No masking, just quick and easy.

Flo Langley Birdcagecpawm
Tip:  Using bold stamps.  If your distress ink pads are new and a bit juicy pat them onto a Gelli plate first and then pick up the ink from that.  I usually keep the older pads for using with bold stamps, especially when using coated card stock.
To get rid of any puddling, place a piece of copier paper over the stamped image and gently press down with your hand. This will take any excess ink off.

Crafty Individuals Stamps used:

Birds, Branches and Cage CI 234
Patchwork Birds and Flowers CI 248

Thank you for looking,
Take care,

Flo x


  1. Pippa

    Really like this one Florence. The lighter colour in the background really gives it depth and that bird is so unusual with it’s realistic head and back and doodled chest and tail.

  2. coco

    A quick but very lovely card dear Florence.
    And I can see in action one first Dinky stencil bought to Jean and Malcolm!.. 🙂 I have it too, and just have a try myself with this one too, also the bricks one..
    Thanks for all the tips, always useful and good to remember I think.
    Wishing you a lovely week too, hope it’s not too hot already where you are! Here in Brittany, it’s just the beginning of Springtime… Hugs xx

  3. Pat

    This is beautiful Florence and using shiny card which isn’t so easy to handle. I love the depth you have achieved with the stencilling and stamping in the background and then the pretty darker stamping in the foreground using these wonderful CI stamps. x

  4. fati's recipes

    You’re so talented, Florence 🙂 I still have the dressmaker card you sent me, I love it to bits and can’t give it away to anyone! Can see myself showing it to bubs when she grows up and telling her all about 🙂

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