Little Beachcomber – Card Making

Hi everyone

How you all doin’?  I hope everyone is ok.

For me, I can now see through both eyes without thinking I am looking through a slot machine.  I am not sure whether they were insect bites or styes but my eyes swelled up and I looked like I had done a round with Joe Bugner.  I knew, in my last post,  I shouldn’t have said everything will be back to normal soon.  It’s always fatal.

I have to tell you.  I came back from shopping this morning and found 6 little piggies in the garden.  I had left the gate open and they ran in from over the road.  They were so funny!  It wasn’t until this evening we found out they had eaten Freddie’s strawberry plants… Ooops!

Anyway, tonight I would like to share a card I made recently using one of the new stamps from Crafty Individuals “Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses”.


I created the background using Distress inks.  Firstly, I applied the base colour using a piece of cut and dry and then went back in with a darker brown colour and using just the edge of the foam to create the patterns on the sand.

I took a piece of card and wrapped a slightly moist wet wipe around it and took out some of the blue colour to create little ripples in the sea.
For the clouds, I used a piece of card, cut into a cloud shape, and added a darker shade of blue to define the shape.

I stamped the little boy, coloured the image and fussy cut around it.  I attached the image using foam pads.

Crafty Individuals stamps used:
Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses CI 459

Thank you for looking

Take care,

Flo x


  1. thecobweboriumemporium

    Aww such a beautiful image. I love the little details Florence … the ripples in the sea, the lines in the sand. They’re such tiny details but without them the card would be ‘flat’.
    You’re such a talented artist.
    ~ Cobs. x

  2. lindasimpsoncraftypieceofheaven

    This is gorgeous Florence, the sea and sand look amazing. Cute little boy too.
    Linda xxx

  3. Aileen

    Beautiful card love the stamped little boy. Your waves sand ad sky are perfect. All round lovely card and just perfect for us as we head into spring. sorry about the strawberries, but the piggies must have been a laugh.

  4. Gerrina

    A super background for this little boy! Bought that stamp last week on an event…but he has to wait a bit before I can use it… 🙂 Hope that you have had all the things and that you will be able just to enjoy all the things you want to do! Hugs, Gerrina

  5. kate

    Hi Florence, I’ve missed a few of your posts, been on holiday, so I am sorry to hear about your eyes. I hope it all clears up soon.
    What a darling image, I love your card, beautiful scene and love how you’ve shaded the sand and sea,wonderful card,Kate x 😉

  6. Meggymay

    This is an adorable image and card Florence. I hope you got those little piggies back to their Home.
    Yvonne xx
    p.s. Please to read your eyes are getting better.

  7. Kylie

    Gorgeous!! Geez I hope your eyes are better soon. It wasn’t Freddie poking you was it? Omg little piggies??? How adorable but hmmm, whoops about the strawberries lol

  8. Pat

    This beach scene is so evocative Florence and I love the sand and sea behind that cute little chap and thank you for explaining how you did it. You have coloured that little figure so beautifully too. Sorry about your eye problem and hope it is much better now, and those naughty pigs eating all the strawberry plants…lol. Watch out for goats too, they also have a voracious appetite and will eat anything and everything in sight if they can so hopefully there aren’t any of those living next door. x

  9. Craftyfield

    I’m not sure how I missed this post (I don’t remember seeing the email) but thanks to Jean I came to look at how you did realistic looking beach scene. And isn’t it gorgeous, as is that little boy image…

  10. Corinne

    Hi Flo,
    Sorry for the late visit, on this post and some others more recent I guess (I want to catch-up with them too after if I can!). I’m so busy… sorry.
    Loving totally this card… wow! I’m taking some good notes on your way of doing your background, so simple apparently when reading you haha, but it gives really fantastic results!
    Thank you dear Florence for your talent, I have so much to learn yet from you 🙂
    Take care, Hugs
    Coco xx


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