Memory Lane – Card Making

Good afternoon everyone

A bit of an unscheduled post today.
I spent most of the day sorting out rooms and putting everything back into their rightful places after the summer.  I am not sure how we accumulate so much junk!  On the bright side though there is something almost therapeutic about having a good sort out.  It seems to clear the mind a little bit.

Here is a little card I made recently.


I do love this little stamp.  I used it recently to create a little wooden decoration which I posted on my craft blog HERE.  The little houses are so cute.

It was a really quick card.  I stamped the image onto water colour paper, coloured the image and added a bit of stenciling.  I then just added lots of layers to the base card and attached the houses topper with foam pads.

Crafty Individuals Stamps Used:

Memory Lane Houses CI 274.
Just to share, this stamp set includes a row of cottages as above and also a row of town houses….Lovely!

Thank you so much everyone for your comments and kind words left on my recent posts.  It is always great to hear from you and your visits are always very much appreciated.

Thank you for looking

Take care,

Flo x


  1. Pat

    This row of houses is so nostalgic and pretty Florence and the papers with the distressed edges fit in with this feeling perfectly. I love all the colours you have used in these fairly soft tones and nothing jarrs. x

  2. Meggymay

    Its a lovely row of houses, and would be a delightful place to live. Fantastic images, the houses are so pretty.
    Yvonne xx

  3. valorydegree

    I really like the different layers of patterned paper on your card; it made me think of all the different wallpapers that might be inside of those cute houses on Memory Lane!

    1. Florence

      Hi Valory, Thank you. We think alike. That is where I was going with this. I was thinking along the lines of bed linen and all pretty fabric 🙂 xx

  4. Gerrina

    The colours make this card such a fun and bright one; looks great!
    Here it stil is too warm too dive intoo the things that keep on laying around in the house without a real purpose to be on that spot :)… So if the weather turns to a bit normal for this time of the year I have to start… Hugs, Gerrina

  5. thecobweboriumemporium

    Absolutely delightful, Florence. I’m so envious of your ability to colour with pens. I just can’t seem to get what I feel is a good enough result.

    I adore the houses, and the Memory Lane sentiment is perfect.
    All together a really fabulous card.
    Love it ~ Cobs. x

    1. Florence

      Thanks Cobs. I don’t use pens. I always use cheapo water crayons or diluted ink from felt tips or distress inks. I haven’t got the patients for pens. Wish I did. I am a bit of a slap it on and hope for the best sort of girl!! 🙂 You know I always thinks it is card stock is the key for colouring. Having said that, some times you can find a great card stock for colouring but it’s rubbish for stamping on. Arrrgh!
      Hugs Flo x

      1. thecobweboriumemporium

        Agreed. I wish they would make a “One Cardstock Suits All Purposes”. Because I’ve got hoards of different cardstocks in hoards of different sizes (and colours) and I have no bally idea what some of them are for.

        It’s only in the past three years that I’ve actually took the time to put detailed labels on any new cardstock I’ve bought, but this doesn’t get rid of those sheets that we cut into, leave on one side because we might need it again in a while, then we clean up and …. now what did I use this for? What sort of card is it? …. [sigh]

        We should form a gang and demand (ask really nicely for) one card stock suits all!
        I’ll go and grab an old sheet, you get two broom poles, and we’ll paint a banner proclaiming our crafting requirements!
        lol love ~ Cobs. x

        1. Florence

          Absolutely!! I totally agree with you. Could we use something other than broom poles though because they make nice legs and arms for my puppets!! lol!
          Flo x

  6. Kim M

    What a lovely little row of houses, wouldn’t mind living there at all! I do agree nothing better than a good sort out, I’m too scared to open my cupboards incase I get buried under craft stuff lol 🙂 x


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