Vintage Cycling – 3 Inky Card Projects

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well.

I had a fun time this morning catching up with some of your posts.  Then the sun came up and I had to get on with some jobs.  I have finished most of the outside jobs so I thought I would have a chat with you all.  You know, I feel so blessed to know you guys.  I popped over to see what Kate had been up to and I am still giggling after reading her post.  The things we do to hide our craft stash buying!!

Today I would like to share 3 cards, all made in the same way but just a variation on the colours and stamps.

Card 1


All I have done for the main focal pieces on all of these cards is to colour some white card with Distress Inks, stamped the image in black permanent ink, and then removed some of the colour to add high lights.  If you have never done this before, just take a small paint brush, paint water onto the inked areas that you wish to remove the colour from and then dab it with a paper towel.  Repeat if necessary.

Card 2


I mixed and matched the vintage cyclist images with the flower images which seemed to be the right height to put side by side.  My stamping is a bit hit and miss but hey ho!

Card 3


This is a really old technique but it is still fun to do especially when there is a lot of bold parts to the stamps image.

Crafty Individuals Stamps used:

Bicycle Embrace CI 186
Tall Wild Flowers CI 185

Just to share, I think the tall wild flowers were my very first Crafty Individuals stamps I ever purchased.  It must be about 14 or so years ago!!  Lovely classic designs.  Nice to go down memory lane now and again.

Thank you for looking

Take care,

Flo x


  1. kate currie

    Hi there Florence, beautiful cards, your colours and designs are just marvellous. It’s a great image and could be used for all sorts of occasions.
    Thank you for your mention above and for your continued visit to my blog, I’m so pleased I gave you a giggle, and I agree that it is lovely to meet so many super people, either in cyberworld, of if you are lucky to meet your blogging chums in the flesh, as I’ve been lucky to do on a few occasions. Who knows, maybe one day, we could meet up, a walking holiday in your mountians would just suit Alistair, and I’m sure I could find lots to do too. Take care and have a lovely day, Kate x

  2. lindasimpsoncraftypieceofheaven

    These are fabulous, I love the cyclist image and gorgeous backgrounds.
    Linda xxx

  3. thecobweboriumemporium

    Aw Florence these are breathtakingly beautiful. I’ve sat here cradling my chin in my left hand, while my right hand was scrolling up and down, then up and down, then up… well, you get the idea. I was held spellbound by these cards, and actually cannot choose one I love over the others. I just know that if I’d have purchased all three, I’d be hard pressed to give any of them away. They should be mounted and put in box frames and hung on the wall.

    As for the stamping … it’s perfect. But, we always feel we could have done something different or ‘better’ in someway, and others looking at the artwork can’t see what it is that you see as a problem or fault. I love them Flo.

    How wonderful that this stamp has grown to such a grand age, and is still in perfect order. Just shows that if you clean your stamps and care for them, they’ll last for years and years.

    Love the cards Florence … and I’ve just scrolled up again and … I *think* that the orange one is calling to me more than …oh .. hang on … maybe …. oh heck. I surrender. I love them all. lol
    Sending love ~ Cobs. x

  4. Meggymay

    Three gorgeous cards, I am always amazed that just changing the background colours gives a totally different look.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Gerrina

    This is one of the stamps that I saw at my early beginnings of stamping that was one of the reasons I wanted to get stamping!
    It looks so great on these bright colours!
    Hope you have some sun every day, so you can slowly get used to the autumn weather… Hugs, Gerrina

  6. Sandra

    Fabulous stamping and inking Flo, I love the vast array of colours that you’ve used here. I think you have a real talent for using different stamps in conjunction with each other. The Cycling and flower stamps work so well together. You are a true inspiration. Enjoy your weekend. Sandra X


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