Best Of British – Card

Morning everyone

I hope you are all well and have something fun planned for the weekend.

Thank you all for your comments on my last post.

Today I would like to share a little card which I thought might work as a Bon Voyage card or even a Happy Retirement card.  Just something fun and quick and easy to put together.


The background was made using a plastic top dipped in some paint to create the circles and some paint splatters.
I then stamped all of the images, cut them out and attached them randomly.

Crafty Individuals Stamps Used:

British Bull Dog CI 370
Journey Calligraphy CI 053
Vintage Tickets and Postmarks CI 239

Thank you for looking

Take care,

Flo x

25 thoughts

  1. Fabulous card. The Bulldog looks great and I really like your layered background, nice touch with the circles too. Sandra X

  2. Aw this is Fun and Funky … and kind of cute. Love the British Bulldog – especially wearing the crown!

    I like the way you’ve done the random circles, and the splatters look really ‘controlled’ – as if a stencil was used.
    wondering to self: How come my splatters always look such a mess?
    You have the talent for making art happen Flo… I have the talent for making a mess. (… but I’m great at the clean up stage of things. lol)
    A GREAT make Flo, and a fabulous post.
    ~ Cobs. x

  3. This is fabulous Florence, I love the background and great image.
    Linda xxx

  4. Love your fantastic fun card, great images that go so well together and as you say could be used for many occasions.
    Yvonne xx

    1. Thank you Yvonne. Loving the Autumn Owl page. I tried to leave a comment but something went wrong. Will try again later.
      Hugs Flo xx

  5. Your selfmade circkles give your card such a beautiful balance! Great colours and that dog wth the crown makes that I am smiling and typing at the same time… 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

  6. So well put together! Love the fresh colour scheme, messy look and lovely stamps… Enjoy your Sunday!

  7. He’s a fine fella of an upright gentleman. Loved the background and I am really loving bright green at the moment, so this to me looks brilliant! x


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