Beach Babe Card Making

Hellooooo to anyone calling in today.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

I have been indoors for the last four days. The blossom is out on the olive trees. We are surrounded by them so you can imagine the clouds of pollen blowing everywhere.  I think it is probably the worst we have had. Everything inside and outside is covered in yellow dust. One good thing is that there is no point doing any housework until it stops 🙂

Anyway, here is today’s little card.

Yep, still going with the beach theme……

Crafty Individuals Stamps used:

Beside the Sea CI 278
CI Background Papers Book 6 “Seaside”

Thank you for looking.

Before I go, I am still have problems loading pages with our poor connection. The main problem seems to be with blogs with a lot of adverts on or a lot of large photos. I do apologise and will keep persevering. Hopefully it will sort itself out.

Take care,

Flo x



  1. Sandra

    This was the very first stamp set that I ever bought from Crafty Individuals and I never tire of seeing it. I love how you’ve used the swirl of words stamp around the edge of your card to create a border, it works so well and co-ordinates perfectly with the background paper. Wishing you a happy and colourful day. Sandra x x

  2. Kate Currie

    Fabulous card Florence, I love this image and your colours are so bright and sunny. Even having beautiful blossom around you causes you problems with the pollen, what a shame, my hubby is the same, have a great Sunday, Kate x

  3. Aileen

    Loading perfectly at my end. Wonderful card. Was showing my mum and it sent her into memory time. She has Alzehimers so its good when she can see something and it triggers a memory. This triggered a beautiful memory, thanks xx

  4. Craftyfield

    Well that’s the stamp I have on my crafting table, I even have a plan but have once again failed to tackle my vision… I’m too scared it won’t turn out as I want it! Your project is beautiful by the way…
    I hope you’re not allergic to that pollen!

    1. Florence

      Thank you Christine. Ooo yes, I am coughing and spluttering with the best of them. Isn’t frustrating when you have an idea and it won’t translate. We have all be there. Hope your project turns out ok. Can’t wait to see it. Be around in a little while for a catch up.
      Hugs Flo x

  5. Gerrina

    What a great excuse to get crafting :)! The only thing is that it all is still out there untill the polls stop…
    Love the colours you used and that lady is still one of my favorite CI stamps… Hope the weekend was a good one! Hugs, Gerrina

  6. Kim M

    Hi Flo, poor you with all that pollen dust! I just last year and this year started having morning sneezes when I get up, not awake until I’ve sneezed, so must be hard for you surrounded by it. This card gave me an immediate flash back of a holiday I had with my Aunt and Nan when I was 11, put a big smile on my face, Happy Times! 🙂 x

  7. Pippa

    Lovely card Florence. After a couple of dreary days it is definitely beach weather today here in Somerset! I hope you do not suffer from hay fever, your pollen sounds pretty lethal.


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