Christmas Tag – Snow Baby

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well.
Thank you for your comments on my last post.

I did mention in a previous post about some Christmas projects coming up. Here is the first.  A quick little tag card.

Apologies for the photo.  To me, it looks a bit fake because I have had to lighten it.  I am having to take photos in the dining room at the moment with the aid of a light box.  Now, I use the name light box very loosely because it’s a cardboard box, with some hole cut out and some day light bulbs attached to a frame so they shine through the holes.  I used some aluminum sieves covered in tin foil as lamp shades.  When it works, its great but when it doesn’t the photos are a bit grey/green.   The thing is, I have to run around the house turning every electrical appliance off and all of the lights so that the bulbs get maximum power!!   Honestly, I don’t make this stuff up 🙂  Low power supply!


For the main focal piece, I have used one of Crafty Individuals printed tags and just added the ribbon, sentiment and strips of pretty papers.

Crafty Individuals products

Large Christmas Tags. These tag are gorgeous in their own right.
Festively Curly Words Stamp Set CI 446
Jingle Bells Rooftops CI 254 For the stars.

That’s all from me tonight.

Thank you for looking.

Have a great weekend.

Flo x


13 thoughts

  1. Hi there Florence, I’ve got this picture in my mind now of you running around the house trying to get this photoed.
    Nevertheless it’s gorgeous, beautifully designed and that snow baby is adorable, lovely colours too, Kate x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I do picture you running round madly turning everything off, just worried you have a funnel on your head with aluminium foil on it to stop the microwaves, nahhhh joking… Beautiful make, love it and the colour has come out perfect so the lighting turned out just right.


  3. Dearest Florence…
    I forgive you for posting Christmas in June. eeeek!
    I forgive you for almost making me burst with laughter when I read about your lightbox sheenanigans (sp?).
    But I simply won’t forgive you for not admitting that the metal sieves covered with tin foil are actually your ‘keep the aliens from stealing my thoughts’ hats.
    I got you sussed the moment you mentioned tin foil.

    tsk tsk. Trying to fob us off with ‘shades for the lightbulbs’ … we know what they REALLY are. (actually laughing LOUDLY here as I’m typing – because I can vision you wearing *that* ‘hat’)

    Awwww… love you Flo.
    Great tag by the way! LOL
    OOoodles of love and laughs ~ Cobs. x


  4. Hmmm… I do have lighting problems but mainly in the winter. Otherwise I can find a sunny spot (on sunny days of course!!!) and I never use artificial lighting, because if you don’t have the appropriate gear it’s a nightmare! Tin foil and sieves… my OH would have a fit!


  5. Not sure if it is the photo as you suggest but I really like the slightly faded look to the image on the panel. It’s a lovely card Florence.


  6. Oh Florence, the images you have conjured up with your lighting issues, such fun. In Australia Christmas in July is quite appropriate so your gorgeous tag is very timely. I look forward to seeing more of your Christmas tags and cards. xx



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