Wonderland – Christmas Card

Hi everyone

I hope you are all having a wonderful creative week. Thank you for your visits and comments on the blogs.

Today I would like to share another Christmas Card made for Crafty Individuals.

When I was little my Dad liked the group The Seekers and used to play their LP all of the time.  When I was making this card up I had their song “Take me to the Emerald City” in my head. I can still remember most of the words.  Funny how memories influence projects.


There is a little bit of masking on this one. I stamped the first Christmas tree and masked it, stamped the children and masked them, stamped the second Christmas tree (the one behind the children) and masked it, and then stamped the City. I used a sponge and ink to add the snow and then removed the masks.  I then coloured the images with diluted felt pen ink and added glitter to the Christmas trees.
The card was then made up as seen.

I did make a mistake on this and added the glitter before I had fixed the inks so the colour on the trees did bleed a little. Normally, after colouring, I would have spray fixed the stamped piece and then added the glue and glitter.

Just to share.  This card was shown on CI show on Hochanda. It was mentioned that I had used some sort of photographic card.  I think because in real life the finish on this topper looks like a glossy post card.  So I just want to say I used Clarity coated card stock for this project and for most of my other cards. The coated card stock has a mat finish but when I spray fix the inks, the fixative adds a glossy finish. It also intensifies the colours.

Crafty Individuals stamps used:

Large Christmas Tree CI 462
Jingle Bells Roof Tops CI 254
Winter Wonderland CI 399
Festively Curly Words (Linda Edwards Design) CI 446

That’s all from me today.

Thank you for looking.

Take care,

Flo x





  1. Sandra

    This is definitely one of my favourites Flo. Your stamping and masking are absolutely excellent and there’s a great sense of perspective to this card. I know what you mean about music too, it really can influence how we feel. I’m thinking now that I should have put on some Christmas music while I was making my samples but it was twenty six degrees outside, so it just wouldn’t have been right! :). This is a really fabulous card, I love it. Crafty hugs, Sandra x

    1. Florence

      Thank you so much Sandra. It has been strange making Christmas cards in June/July. I did consider spraying pine air freshener around to get me in the mood but then I would have wanted some mince pies!!!
      Hugs Flo x

  2. Kate

    I absolutely love this card Florence, beautiful composition of images, the city scape is a brilliant addition. Fabulous colours and design, Kate x

  3. Marianne

    This card is so pretty, Flo! I love the colors and it makes me miss evergreens with snow on them. Have a wonderful day creating or relaxing.

    Marianne xox

  4. Craftyfield

    This one is so good Florence, the colours are indeed more vibrant and the set-up of the scene fantastic. Is the Clarity coated card similar the silk card stocked by Jean? And what fixing spray do you use for inks?

    1. Florence

      Thank you Christine. I am not sure about the CI Silk card or whether it is the similar because I have never used it. I will ask Jean what she thinks and come back to you on that one.

      I use Talens Protecting Spray 680 Gouache water colour. The can I am using has a white lid and the can is red/pink at the top and the colour graduates down to an almost white/pink at the bottom. Why I am saying this is because I tried to buy some online about a week ago and I put in the details but the cans available are just white. So I was unsure if it was actually the same one. I use this make because it is the only one I could get hold of in the area but I am really pleased with it. Unfortunately the shop has now closed and I have been trying to buy some more. I should imagine another brand would work though. One small 150 ml can goes a long way. You can buy it in larger cans as well….If you are lucky! 🙂

      Just to share, I find that Staz-On ink works the best. Archival ink can bleed sometimes. It does work but you just have make sure the ink is absolutely dry and to watch you don’t saturate it. 2 lighter sprays may be better. The other thing I have found is that it is not very keen on embossed images. I tried it once and the embossing deteriorated and I never bothered again.

      Just thinking about it. CI’s glossy card would work the same. I will try some and make sure and let you know. I do have some of that in my stash. I have used other glossy card stock in the past. You know when you colour glossy card with DIs it goes a bit dull, well this spray brings back the glossy shine.

      I hope this helps.
      Will be in touch when I can find out the info about the silk card.

      Take care, Hugs Flo x

  5. thecobweboriumemporium

    What an incredible card! Love it Flo.
    The colours are perfect and give a vintage look to the card. The masking you did is perfection! A truly fabulous project. (Time consuming I bet!)

    Well done you clever thing. Love it.
    Have a blessed day my beautiful friend. ~ Cobs. x

    1. Florence Langley

      Thank you Cobs. So pleased you like it. It was quite quick to do believe it or not. I had the masks to hand, already made, from previous projects.
      Always lovely to hear from you.
      Hugs Flo xx

  6. Gerrina

    Such great masking! Love how the girls have passed the first tree!! A beautiful card! Hope all is well and you are cooping okay with the summer weather; here it is to warm one day and raining or windy the next… But I enjoy it when the sun shines!! Hugs, Gerrina

    1. Florence Langley

      Thank you Anita. Funny you should say that. A lot of my masking projects are influenced by old adverts. I love them. Especially the ones with the large text, bright colours and whimsy illustrations.
      Always lovely to hear from you.
      Hugs Flo x

    1. Florence Langley

      Hi Jannet. Thank you for calling and for your lovely comments. I had such a fabulous time this morning visiting your blog. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed to grab a coffee and camp out for a while. Gorgeous and inspiring makes. Can’t wait to see more.
      Have a great weekend.
      Flo x

  7. Corinne

    Wonderful card, great card and scene Flo, and it looks even more beautiful when we know the story!…
    Whatever your inspiration, I always enjoy seeing your masked scenic cards as you know, I love them all.
    This style is just my favourite I think! 🙂
    Just a little question, about what you say on your Clarity paper and the final look: which kind of fixative do you use for your inks?… I’m sure it plays also a role!
    Hugs again, xx

    1. Florence Langley

      Thank you Coco. Lovely to hear from you as always. For the fixative question, please see the reply to Craftyfield’s question above. There is also a reply from Jean and what she uses. I would also try using anything that you may already have in your craft studio. Sometimes you happen upon a product that you bought for one purpose and works brilliantly for another. Hope this helps.
      Hugs Flo xx

  8. Pat

    Where does the time go Florence? I came to see what you had been doing to find this beautiful card was posted over three weeks ago but had to comment as it is so prettily put together with the different stamps and masking to make one gorgeous whole. The glossy card and the finishing spray have made the colours so wonderfully intense and I love the skyline of buildings and the couple walking in the snow, and also I adore those great trees. The new blog format is fabulous too. x


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