Little House On The Hill Tag

Hi everyone

I hope you have all had a great weekend.

It has been GLORIOUS in the mountains today. The temperature dropped about 15 degrees and there was a lovely breeze. Oh the bliss!!  The joy!!  I ran around this morning and opened all of the doors and windows and let the fresh air sweep through the house. I managed to get lots of chores done so all in all it was a good day!

This evening I would like to share a little tag made with one of Crafty
Individuals house blanks. I made this project a while ago.  The other projects I made are over on my craft blog here.


All I have done to make this tag is to cover a blank tag with some scraps of paper. I then stamped the birds and the flowers. I decorated the house with paints and pretty papers, added an image behind the window and then attached it to the tag. I added some shadows using black paint around the birds, the house and to define the landscape. On reflection, maybe a dark aubergine colour would have been better than black. Black can be quite harsh can’t it?

I really do adore these houses.

Crafty Individuals products used:

House Blanks (7 houses on A4 sheet)
Flower Heads CI 206
Birds on a wire CI 287
Background papers
Mini image Book People and Places 2

I will be around for a catch up over the next couple of days. Just to make sure you are not getting into any mischief……you know who you are!! 🙂

Thank you for looking.

Take care,

Flo x



  1. Kim M

    I really love your choice of colours and here they are so vibrant, and I know what you were thinking about the aubergine, but I think the black just makes the colours more vibrant. So pretty 🙂 x

  2. Kate

    Just lovely, great design and colours Florence. Sounds lovely in your mountains, bucketing with rain here, more like October than August, Kate x

  3. thecobweboriumemporium

    Aw Flo, this is so darling. The whole thing just looks perfect. I wouldn’t change anything about it. I know you have your doubts on the black, but I honestly feel the black is right. I think you made the right choice.
    Squidges ~ Cobs. x

  4. Craftyfield

    They do say something about repetition and using a colour in several places, so the black of the house is also found in the flowers and the birds, the hills… I think the tag is/would be lovely either way!

  5. Barbara

    Florence, I love love love this. I too enjoy miniatures, houses particularly. The black works very well, wouldn’t change a thing. X


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