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Hi everyone,

I have a little cards to share today.

I love crows and ravens and even the pesky rooks. In the Spring the rooks woke us up every morning with their cackling. They fly into the tree in the garden. You can’t see them but every now and again you hear a sort of sinister growl!!  They disappeared for the summer but they have now come back. They are so comical. I throw bread out for them and within a few minutes they come from no where and sit on the fence, in the trees and on the shed. Very Hitchcock!  They wait for me to go in and they fly down and get the bread.  They walk as if they are bow legged and have wellies on.  So funny. However, if they are not quick enough the jackdaws swoop in and steal the lot. I love watching them.

Anyway….. here is today’s card. Another new stamp from Crafty Individuals and designed by Maria Kitano


The background is Distress inks applied lightly with a shaving brush.

This stamp and The Raven stamp have just been released and it is easy to think “Halloween”. Yes they are perfect for that but I think they can be used all year around.  It’s a personal choice really isn’t it.

Gothic style birthday cards for all ages always seem to go down well. Brilliant stamps to use in journalling if you think of mythology and so forth.

Crafty Individuals Stamps Used:
Gothic Crow CI-500
The Crow plate multi elements CI 361
Ferns and Grasses CI -207 (love this use it all the time)
Build a Winter Garden CI 482

Thank you for looking.

Take care,

Flo x



  1. Penny Butler

    Hi Flo, I love this card, the colours are really striking! I have Magpies, Crows and Jackdaws among other birds that nest and visit our garden, so I know what you mean about the noise lol! Lovely artwork hun xx

  2. Sandra

    Another fabulous card Flo. I absolutely love these stamps, and as you say, you can actually use them for lots of different occasions and for journaling too x

  3. craftytrog

    A wonderful card Flo, I love the composition with those soft hills in the background!
    I was out walking yesterday, and saw some crows, they are very comical, the way they walk and twist and turn their heads. At least I think they were crows, I don’t know the difference between them and rooks!
    Happy Friday,
    Ali xxx

  4. corinne Rollet

    Fabulous story in your garden! Brr. But funny too (assuming it’s not by a dark night lol) you’re right!
    About this card, it’s simply fabulous, very atmospheric. I love it Flo, as well as all the ones you have designed using these new Raven stamps. All really gorgeous!!!
    We had a lot of fun with these ones, isn’t it? 🙂 xxx

    1. Florence Langley

      Thank you Sweetie. They are such good fun to use. I think everyone has enjoyed using them Love them both but my fav is the Raven. I am hoping to have more of a play with that one when I get chance 🙂 xx

  5. Pat

    I’m rather late in commenting as this has been up for over a month, I didn’t realise it had been that long since I’ve been for a visit, but it is beautiful and the raven has lots of character and love the wonderful scene you have set it over. x

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