A little floral fancy

Hi everyone,

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments left on my recent posts.

Friday has come around quickly hasn’t it. Oh, I have to tell you.  You all will have seen on the TV about the events in Portsmouth for the 75th D Day anniversary. Wasn’t that fabulous! I did wonder whether to go to the other side of the island to see the planes flying over the Solent  (love the Red Arrows) but thought I would watch the whole coverage on the Beeb. Whilst I was watching the tv I was also listening out for any Spitfires or the Red Arrows flying over… just in case.  No, nothing came our way. Saw a glimpse of the escort helicopters. Kept looking, kept listening and still watching the coverage. A few hours went by. I switched to sky news and saw the last flyover by the Red Arrows and thought that’s it. They are not coming our way and then I heard an almighty roar of the engines.  Turned round to look through the window and they flew straight over the top of the house on their way home. Absolutely brilliant. I was so chuffed.

Anyway, back to card making! 🙂

The background was created using inks and then stamped over.

Crafty Individuals:

Rubber stamps: Inky Script Background CI 436
Mini Images Book “Natures Beauty”.
CI Die cut Frames

Thank you for looking.

Have a wonderful weekend

Flo x


    1. Flo Langley

      Thank you. You know I was thinking when I saw your comment come in. You know we have been talking about journalling and playing with paints and backgrounds and then what do you do with them. It’s quite good fun to have a paint play session and then just pop a topper on them to make some cards. The toppers could even be made from recycled cards. Great fun if you are making them for charity or fetes. Hope your week is going well.
      Flo xx

  1. Kate

    Just so beautiful Flo, lovely floral image and gorgeous colours, the background is fabulous.
    Sounds like it was a marvellous display , have a lovely weekend,Kate x x

  2. Craftyfield

    Love the background Flo, the stencilled leaves add that painterly touch and the colours are just right together!

  3. Pippa Price

    That yellow flower goes so well with the greens and blues of the background, I would never have thought of putting those colours together. Beautiful card as always.

  4. Pat

    You have made a really pretty background for the sweet framed flower image and everything is in perfect harmony Flo. Gorgeous! I have seen the Red Arrows a couple of times before and it is always thrilling, There was a documentary on a few weeks ago in which they filmed them over the course of a year believe and it was very interesting. I take it from your remarks about the 75th D-Day Anniversary that you are on the IOW? A wonderful place to be and I know it quite well as Hubby lived there for a time when he was young and we still visit a friend there about once a year too. Maybe we could meet up sometime which would be great. x


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