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Hi everyone,

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on my last couple of posts.

I hope you are all safe and well especially with the rain that has been hitting the UK.  It all looks rather scary in places across the country.  Okay, we know climate change is here but wasn’t it in one of the Shakespeare’s plays or a tale from the Bard that mentioned them wearing over coats and snow being on the ground in June hundreds of years ago? Midsummer Nights Dream maybe? Anyone remember that or is my memory playing tricks.

All I can say is that I am glad July is over. You know when you have a month and you think “Can it get any worse”?!

Anyway, I’ve just finished some new samples for Crafty Individuals for their next show on Hochanda and whilst I was sorting out some photos, I found this one from their last show.  From May me thinks.  Anyway, it doesn’t really matter when it was.


Really quick and easy. Colored the base with inks and stamped the images. Added more colour to the images for definition. Added a black circle of card, a sentiment, paint splatters and some fabric and fibers to finish off.




CI main Stamp used “Paid in Great Britain” CI 514   Really nice stamp this one.

I will be back in the next day or so with a smile hopefully 🙂 some sneak peeks of the new samples and full details of the Crafty Individuals shows on Hochanda on 5th and 6th August. Save the dates!

Thank you for looking.

Take care,

Flo x


  1. Kate

    Love the bold colours Flo, beautifully created card, gorgeous butterfly, love it all.
    Hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend, Kate x x

  2. Marianne

    Very nice, Flo…the colors remind me of Autumn…LOL, I guess everything is reminding me of Autumn. Can you tell I’m done with summer? 😉 The black silhouettes against those striking colors and the topper on the tag all pull together for a delightful tag. The sentiment is perfect and your paint splattering is so good! Whenever I splatter, it’s always hit or miss – sometimes it comes out good and most of the time it comes out messy and, well – ick. I do believe you are the stamping Queen.

    Yes, I pray all remain safe in the UK. I saw the rushing flood waters on the news last night and was so surprised. I immediately thought of you and hoped you were not part of that deluge.

    Sending hugs and well wishes,

    Marianne xo

    1. Flo Langley

      Thank you so much my lovely friend you are always so kind. Splatters are always a it hit and miss with me as well. I normally over do it and cover everything!! lol! Thank you for thinking of us. I know for the past few years when we have seen something on the news we checked in on each other. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. Mind you I still owe you an email!!! I have not forgotten. God bless, Flo xx

      1. Marianne

        No worries, dear Flo ♥ I was just thinking about how our lives can be like paint splattering…sometimes the day seems long and even, and we manage to cover exactly all the areas we wanted, and other times the day seems to shoot out all at once, and we’re like,”where did the time go? I didn’t get to do this or that.” I know I’ve been like that lately. Does this make sense? LOL! God bless you, Flo and have a wonderful Sunday evening.

        Marianne xox

    1. Flo Langley

      Thank you so much Christine. So sorry to hear your summer has been a wash out. Not been to much of a wash out here. Unfortunately I blinked and have missed most of it!!! It wont happen again. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
      Flo xx


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