Last Sneak Peek – Crafty Individuals New Stamps

Hi everyone,

Thank you for you lovely comments on my last post.

This is the last of the sneak peaks today. I just want to let everyone know that Jean Hardy from Crafty Individuals will be appearing on Hochanda TV Craft Channel tomorrow the 3rd December. The show times are 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.  I know Alison has saved the date because she has told me 🙂

Reds and Greys are my favourite colours for Christmas. I love the Scandinavian look but I always have trouble achieving it when making cards or decorations.  To keep trying and practicing I suppose is the answer.


I hope you get time to catch the shows. Jean always does fantastic demos. Always something a little different. If you can’t watch at the times given then there is the rewind facility on the Hochanda channel.


I must prepare for Christmas. I have the cakes to make and presents to finish off and start some. I am way behind this year.
New blinds are going up  today so I need to go and clean the windows. Kitchen wants mucking out. Laundry day as well.

Right I am off……must have a cuppa first to think about it all!! 🙂

Take care all,

Flo xx

5 thoughts

  1. Good luck with your chores, I have a few on my list too… I’ll try and take the time to see the show on Catch-up though!



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