Town Houses

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is well and you are crafting away to your hearts content. What you making? Have you changed crafty direction and started a different hobby this year? Do let me know if you get time. I’m in need of some crafty chat. I think last year made really think about my free time and what I want to make this year and things I want to learn. I have a “list”!!! I need to get my head in gear and work out some plan of action because I need to include the indoor house decorating which is dependant on the light and finish the garden which is dependant on the weather. The other thing is I can only go in the garage on the machines when it is warm so until then I need to start my other projects. I know, way to much information and woffling!!

Anyway back to todays post. I wanted to share with you a card I made last year (seems to funny to say that) using “Street ” CI 558 Stamp from Crafty Individuals.

That’s all from me tonight. I am off to watch Marcella and then The Drowning. Binge tv watching but no snacks!

Take care,

Hugs Flo x


  1. Kim Styles Cards

    Absolutely love the colours and the vintage feel. I took some time out too but what I expected and what happened were two different things lol! I’m doing cooking, baking (different things for those that think it’s the same), knitting, colouring, cardmaking, reading… I still don’t have enough time! So much l would love to do too. Enjoy your binge watch xx

    1. Flo Langley

      Hi Kim. I know what you mean! 🙂 I would love to knit and crochet. It’s on my list! Same here. There doesn’t seem enough hours in the day. I enjoyed my binge watch. I found the emergency stash of snickers!!!! LOL! I will have to add “diet” to the list now. Take care and have agreat weekend. Hugs Flo xx

      1. Kim Styles Cards

        Ha Ha Flo, diet is always on my list but definitely never get there but that may be because I am too busy cooking cakes LOL! I am at the moment knitting a couple of doggie jumpers, especially for my little girl, she was shivering today as she only has a thin coat of fur. I’m sur emy little lad was a wolf as he never feels t he cold (except when he wants to sit on my lap to warm his paws!) x

  2. Gerrina Poncin

    I like the warm colours you used!
    I have a great plan for this year, there are two: one with and one without virus… but in both I will get the stamps inky that I couldn’t ink up last years when I bought them…:) And I want to use more of what I already had…plus I hope to get into scrapping in an MM way… Hugs, Gerrina

    1. Flo Langley

      Hi Gerrina. Thank you so much. Sounds like a fabulous plan. About 3 years ago I said I was going to use more of my old stamps and try new techniques with them but it just never happened. It is on my “list”. I am determind this year. Even if it is just something once a week or every other week. Love your idea of scrapping in a MM way. That sounds like fun. I am really keen to start making junk journals and small books again. With this, again I was thinking maybe a page a week to start off with and see what happens. Can’t wait to see what you create this coming year. Take care, Hugs Flo xx

  3. Kate Currie

    Hi Flo, what a gorgeous card, and such lovely colours.
    I don’t think my crafty hobbies have changed much, but I’m definitely rethinking so things I though I was certain about, now not so much.
    Hope all is well with you and Hubby. We are doing well and Alistair is off to get his jab tomorrow, but he wishes he could get up a mountain, be a while yet though, keep safe, Kate x

    1. Flo Langley

      Hi Kate. Thank you so much. That’s interesting. This is when I wish we were having a cuppa coffee and I would be quizzing you about what you are thinking! 🙂 Hope all went well with Alistair’s jab. I can imagine he is climbing the walls wanting to get out in the mountains. Freddie had his jab on Thursday. I was so anxious. We have not left the house all year but he said it was really well organised and efficient. They have all done a brilliant job pulling it all together. Take care, Stay safe, Hugs to you both, Flo xx

  4. Craftyfield

    I do like the background and this style of stamp! As to my crafting… a bit down in the dumps at the moment but then I have been more busy IRL, after my OH won himself a hospital stay (non Covid related I might add) . But be reassured I won’t stray much away from stamping whatever happens! I do have a long list of crafting “to do” as well…

    1. Flo Langley

      Thank you so much Christine. I hope your OH is ok! I did send you an email when I saw this comment come in. Not sure if you received it but I hope you did. I hope you are ok? “Carry on and keep crafting should be the moto for 2021. Take care, Hugs Flo xx

  5. craftytrog

    Great card Flo! I love the houses.
    I’ve been doing a 6 week art course, which finishes on valentine’s day, just started some daily stamp carving for the 100 day project, and trying to keep up with another challenge, 52 weeks of art journaling. Phew! Still, I have plenty of time on my hands 😂
    I hope you get everything done that you want to do.
    Big hugs,
    Ali xxx

    1. Flo Langley

      Hi Ali, Thank you so much. It’s because of you I have started making my lists. I can’t believe how much you get done 🙂 I am so jealous. Your stamp carving and challenges look really good fun. I also loved the mini book you made recently. Right, need to get organised and start crafting and stop thinking about it too much 🙂 Have a lovely weekend. Take care, Hugs Flo xxx

  6. Pippa Price

    Great card Flo, love the tall narrow houses although I am not sure I would like all the stair climbing! I am taking a break from cardmaking and have come off all the DT’s I was on. My mojo and inspiration have abandoned me. Instead I am enjoying rediscovering my love for cross stitch, no designing needed just follow the pattern! Even my sluggish brain can cope with that. Meanwhile we are in semi-isolation awaiting our turn for the jab. It should not be too long now! Keep smiling, it exercises more muscles than frowning!!

    1. Flo Langley

      Thank you so much Pippa. Lovely to hear from you. I hope your family are all well. I can fully relate to what you are saying. Love cross stitch. It is such a gentle hobby that you can get really obsorbed in especially when you are following a pattern and counting. A good hobby to bring back a little bit of balance to life. I have a cross stitch fairy to finish. I’ve done all of the cross stitches and about half of the line work to do. I know you said that you are not making cards at the moment but what about creating small little journals or art books just for fun. Your colouring always looks so beautiful. Enjoying your stitching. I hope you share your projects. Take care, Stay safe, Hugs Flo xx

  7. Corinne ROLLET

    Hi dear Florence!
    You make me smile, with your list!! I have a similar one I think, and also similar constraints too regarding the light (or lack of light some days in Brittany lol), warm needed in my garage (where I have a laser machine, and all my supports and lots of stuff in stock) and the weather for my Garden!
    Well, that’s lovely to share and chat a bit through our blogs…
    I love your card, simply perfect and wonderful!! Well, as all you do, I’m jealous haha 🙂
    Great sample with the houses, I’ve bought this stamp too, I need to play more with it, some others, and your great background stamps.
    Have a lovely creative or resting day Flo, hugs xxx

    1. Flo Langley

      Hi Coco! Lovely to hear from you. Its always nice to have a chat on the blogs and stay connected with blogging friends. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m jealous you have a laser machine! We are in the same position. I am thinking of working through the summer on the machines cutting out and turning and then leaving the assemblage and painting until the winter. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before really. Ok, I am so jealous. I have just seen your wonderful website, blog and gallerie. Everything looks fantastic. Good luck with the course this coming year. Fingers crossed. Take care, stay safe, Hugs Flo xx


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