Tropical paradise – Card Making and a vistor in the garden

Helloooooo to anyone calling in today. Great to have your company. I hope you are all well. Thank you for your lovely comments on my recent posts.

I bought a few dies in the sale a few weeks ago so I thought I would have a play with them. Anyway, this was a card intended for my Dad for his birthday. Not sure about it yet. I think I made it a bit grungy/dirty and then I dropped it and creased the corner! LOL! I might make him another. It does need a sentiment in the top right corner.

I coloured the background using a hint of paint and a gelli plate. I then stamped the leaves onto the background and added a few paint splatters.

Bascially, I cut out the bird and leaves with the dies and added a bit of colour and glitter. I couldn’t find any beads so I glued on some mustard seeds from the pantry. They did the job.

I was sitting in the kitchen earlier today and saw a flash of colour walk past the window. I couldn’t believe it when I realised what it was. He is absolutely gorgeous. I have never seen a live pheasant this close up. I think he may have been poorly because he wasn’t moving very fast. I put some seed out and he ate a little bit. Sorry photos are not bril.

The photos really don’t show how beautiful he is. His head looked like it had been carved and painted. I know that sounds daft but he didn’t look real. I hope he come back again.

That’s about it from me. Thank you for looking.

Hugs Flo x


    1. Flo Langley

      Thank you so much Glennis. I was so excited when I saw him. I think being in the house for 12 months makes these little events all the more special. Take care, Hugs Flo xx

  1. Kim Styles Cards

    What a lovely card and it certainly feels tropical. I’m sure your dad will love it. How lovely to have a visit from such a beautiful creature, I hope he comes back. Nature is such a wonderful thing!

    1. Flo Langley

      Thank you so much Kim. I hope he likes it. He has had a stroke so I wanted something colourful. It really is wonderful. I have always loved wildlife but I think this year, like a lot of people, I really appreciate it. Take care, hugs, Flo xx

    1. Flo Langley

      Thank you so much Ali. Loving all of the stamps you are making. You have a real talent for it…..truly. I miss country walks. It must have been lovely to see them. Have a great weekend too. Take care, hugs Flo xx

  2. Craftyfield

    I love your background with the delicate leaf stamping and the composition. Not sure I would even add a sentiment as I would be scared of spoiling it!
    Great idea with thee mustard seeds, not only was it a practical solution but it’s environmentally friendly too!
    You’ve been busy lately… lots of gorgeous creations! Thanks for your comments and visits to my blog. My hubby has recovered although I’m not happy with how they didn’t stitch his wound and it’s healing over in a less than pretty shape. These Covid days it’s difficult to complain over what they would call cosmetic issues!
    Have a great weekend! x

    1. Flo Langley

      Thank you so much Christine. I am really pleased to hear your husband is on the mend. it must have caused you both a lot of stress. Hopefully the scar will look far better in time and when it is properly healed. The mustard seeds. Funny enough, I thought they would be more enviromentally friendly too. I think I may look into that side of crafting a little more. Poppy seed are really good to use. I used to use those a lot years ago for a different textured look. Yep, been busy crafting lately. I’ve been organising and prioritising my time a little better and working through my “List” of things I want to do 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m on a mission 🙂 You take care, Sending oooodles of hugs, Flo xx

  3. Kate Currie

    .Hi there Flo, I think your card is gorgeous, love the bird and the muted shades of colours, and of course the flowers are beautiful, if you think it won’t do your Dad, it will certainly do some lucky person.
    Pheasants are beautiful bird, well the males anyway, poor lady is a bit dull, I hope he comes back for a visit.
    Up here in the Highlands, you’re falling over them, and they don’t half curb your driving in the rural areas as they seem to have a death wish and dash onto the road as a car’s approaching. It makes me angry that the human species thinks it’s okay to shoot them as sport for the privileged toffs, again lots of that in Scotland too, as estates bread just for shooting Grrrr. Rant over, thanks for showing him.
    Hope you are both well and enjoying your weekend, we are having glorious weather, so Springlike, take care Kate x

  4. Cocofolies

    I’m a bit stressed at the moment due to some changes in my activity (I just register as a craftman, now I should try to create and produce some art to sell, it’s a long story and new battle I guess… fingers crossed. I have some trainings to help to do it well at the moment, we’ll see later if I can succeed or not…:). Anyway, it’s so good to read you a bit, and look at this gorgeous, sunny and serene card for your father Flo! I also adore your visitor haha!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Lots of Hugs,
    Coco xxx


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