Burglar cats mixed media and news

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on my recent posts.

I would like to share some news with my blogging friends and its part of the reason for the surge in posting over the last few days. For me, last year and the horrors of it all has made me rethink a lot of things in my life one of them being how I spend my free time. I have a list of different hobbies and crafty ideas that I would like to pursue at my leisure and I would really like to spend more time with my darling husband. Consequently, I have, with a heavy heart, decided to step down from the Crafty Individuals Design Team. I have had a fantastic 6 years working on the Team for Jean and Malcolm. It has been the best job ever working with stamps that I love and ones that I have been collecting for over 15+ years. The other opportunities that I have had, whilst being on the team, have been amazing and I would like to thank Jean and Malcolm for those.

As this will be my last post as a Design Team Member, I wanted to share my favourite project out of the recent samples I made. Really going back to my crafty roots with this one. Recycling and using what I had to hand.

I used a panel from a card board box, removed some of the outer paper layer and painted it with black gesso.

I used a piece of backing board from a pad of water colour paper, cut it to size and painted it grey/green and attached it to the black cardboard. I used some pieces of a children’s wooden jigsaw puzzle and painted the pieces.

I then stamped onto the puzzel pieces and added a bit of scribbly text using a nib and white acrylic ink.

I stamped the image onto a piece of white card, coloured the cats cut them out and attached them to the puzzle pieces. I then attached the puzzle pieces to the background pieces. I used gel medium to attach all of the layers.

All of the new stamps will be on the Crafty Individuals website very soon. Do also check out the Crafty Individuals page on Facebook where Jean regularly does live demos, the Crafty Individuals Facebook Group page and also Jean’s blog.

Thank you to all of my lovely blogging friends for your support. It is very much appreciated.

Take care, hugs Flo xx


  1. Sandra

    I’m so sorry that we’ll be losing you from the team. You know that I’ve always loved your artwork and I’ll really miss you Flo. I wish you lots and love and happiness in your future ventures and hope that we can keep in touch. Much love always, Sandra xx

  2. Kate

    Hi Flo, News indeed and I’m sorry that I’ll not see any more wonderful projects using Crafty products, but you have to do whats right for you, and spending more time pursuing your own art sound wonderful.
    I do so agree, this last year has made many of us rethink our values and just how short quickly our lives can change. So good for you.
    Loving your card, beautifully designed and coloured, keep safe Kate x

  3. Gerrina Poncin

    Oh wow, that is not what I expected!
    But, I do understand! By not being in the CI-team I got so much more time to spent in a different way and do things that kept on being neglected. With all that is happening around in the world I can say that I feel better now than last year at this time. Have more ideas and do more with our doughter and my hubby and have more time to get some plans done that we had for such a long time…
    It will be strange for you the frst couple of weeks, but I know you will enjoy the time spent on your other plans!
    Hugs, Gerrina

  4. deborahwheeler13

    Hi Flo – I expect you’ll be very much missed on the CI design team, but you have to do what’s right for you. I really hope you’ll still keep blogging various projects – I love seeing your artwork xx

  5. Sally

    Oh Flo! So sorry to hear this news but I totally understand. We will really miss you, but hope to still see you on social media and enjoy your creations. Sending big hugs xxx

  6. Kim Styles Cards

    I totally understand, free time, there is never enough. I am sure that all the items lovingly crafted will live on for many years. I hope you enjoy every minute of your new adventures. Big hugs x

  7. Cocofolies

    Oooh, that’s really sad news… but only if it means that you will less craft maybe, or share at some point of time here on your site or elsewhere like IG maybe… I know that you will be a loss for Jean and Malcolm, but I so understand your reasons.
    Well, we’ll stay in touch of course, I will continue to LOVE your artwork and follow you Flo as you know.
    And this make with the cats and bits and bobs is so clever once again, absolutely gorgeous!!! !! Thank you for each and every make I can admire each time I visit you!
    Much love always, sending ooodles of hugs
    Coco xxxxx

  8. Craftyfield

    You take a break from blogland and this happens… I am shocked, you were part of the furniture, well at least the CI family! But thank you for telling us as CI never announces departures from the team! I am actually wondering if Nefertiti hasn’t also left (?)
    You must however follow your own path and do the things you enjoy. I feel like this sometimes although I wouldn’t give up my current teams as it belonging to these groups with shared interest is such a source of support.
    I wish you continued enjoyment and success in your future creative endeavours. xx


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